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E-Throttler : Heavy Equipment Fuel Saver

Maybe this time you're confused because of the high fuel price, while your machines is thirsty drinking more fuel every hour. we can imagine how much money you should spend, if one artic hauler  consumes at least 30 litres per hour, for normal operation?in the other side, air pollution is getting bad, as the result of more carbon fuel burnt by big engines. this will impact us too in the future.


Innovative Workshop, as a team that continues searching for invention, creates a new device, placed in your machine, with computerized control basis, to allow you to save fuel up to 25% by a device called E-Throttler.

E-Throttler works to control engine response in accordance to driving habit of the operator. no matter the driver drives harshly, with sudden acceleration, engine will accelerate smoothly to reduce excessive fuel lost during acceleration. we do not modify your machine/engine, nor modify fuel characteristic, but we smoothen engine reaction due to harsh acceleration.

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